Love Yourself, Set the Target, Enjoy the Ride

Fitness Articles

Beauty, in so many cultures and times varies depending on the eyes of the viewers and also on the dominating classes on each era. Certain days beauty was seen through the eyes of those who thought that having a mole above the mouth was a symbol of sex appeal and some other cultures like Mayans thought that removing all teeth from the mouth was really pretty. Maoris’ think that a body fully “tattooed” is their concept of beauty. Is all about culture and is as well, about health.

In my opinion Greeks were aware of the real concept of beauty. For some reason this people developed a huge sense of healthy body, good proportions and the most important thing a good “STATE OF MIND”. Ancient Greeks had it clear: “Muscles are as important as fat especially in woman where fat plays a very important role. Also they acknowledged that being beautiful was a blessing from the Gods so they should be grateful by developing a beautiful personality as well, in turn of the beauty that was given by birth and should keep it by training and eating well.

Today, no matter how good they sell you the idea of the concept of beauty on the different types of media, what matters is how you feel inside and here is why having the right idea of your body plays an amazing part. Is not about accepting yourself the way you are, but having the right idea of who you are and where to start and what is it what it takes to “better me“ what will take you to develop a better version of yourself.

“Being a Goddess means being someone that represents a good role model to society an example to follow and this can only be obtained through bettering our minds, our souls, our bodies and our spirits”

All my love Cheryl Andiön for Neoma’s Goddesses